How to start Windows in Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking

In order to protect itself from being detected and removed malware applications can prevent legitimate antivirus or anti-spyware applications from performing full system scan, block your Internet connection etc. But don’t be upset because you have Safe Mode option up in your slave. Safe Mode is troubleshooting mode of Windows that will help you to get rid of nasty infections.

Windows 7, Vista and XP 

  1. Turn on your PC and press F8 button before Windows Logo appears. 
  2. On Advanced Boot Options screen use keyboard arrows ↑↓ to navigate to Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking (if you need Internet connection) and press Enter
    Windows 8
1. Turn on your PC and wait for Windows 8 to start and press Windows key + C then click Settings.
2. Click Power then hold Shift button and click Restart.
3. Once computer restarts click Troubleshoot Advanced options.

4. Startup settingsRestart.

5. Press 4 key (or F4) to boot in Safe Mode or 5 key (or F5) to boot in Safe Mode with Networking.
    Windows 10
Way to enter Safe Mode in Windows 10 is pretty much the same as in Windows 8 unless Start Menu is available in new Windows ;) 
1. Press Windows logo key and click Power.
2. Hold Shift and tap Restart!
 3. Wait for PC to reboot and choose Troubleshoot option.

 4. Tap Advanced options.

 5. Than click on Startup Settings.
6. In next screen read information and press Restart.
 7.Press 4 or 5 key (F4 and F5 also works) to boot in Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking.

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