Monday, December 14, 2015

Remove redirect from your PC manually

What is is a browser hijacker that pretends to be a legitimate search-website that takes advantage of metasearch technology in order to deliver more relevant and detailed search result to end user. The site may seem legitimate and trustful because it looks like, but in reality it is yet another misleading website that uses fraudulent tricks to get into computer without any permission. Browser hijacker sneaks into victim’s computer by hook or by crook using installers of software bundles, codec packs, free programs like AVS Video Editor, HD Codec My Radio XP, Unlocker and others. As a result of infection, the above URL appears instead of, and in spite of, default homepage or website address entered into browser search tab. 

How do I know that my PC is infected? 

Actually, it is very easy to make sure that your computer is contaminated with nasty hijacker. If your homepage is changed or your browser constantly redirected to unknown, be sure that your PC is infected. It is strongly recommended not to use in any case and to remove it immediately. 

How to remove

Changing browser settings may be necessary, but not an adequate measure to remove It is recommended to use proven and legitimate removal tools like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Spyware Hunter or AdwCleaner in order to remove infection automatically. But if you have good technical skills and you are confident in your own abilities you can try to get rid of manually using guide below. 

Manual removal guide:

Use Windows Control Panel to remove nasty hijacker.

  • Click Start > Control panel >Programs>Uninstall a program or Programs and Features (Windows 7, 8.1)/Add remove programs (Windows XP). 
  • You’ll get a window with a list of installed applications. Look through them to find and uninstall

Remove Yoursearching redirect from Google Chrome.

  • Go to Google Chrome menu by pressing at menu button and then click Settings>Advanced settings> Navigate to the bottom of a screen and press Reset settings
  • You can also simply write “chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings” (without quotes) in Chrome address string and press Enter to reset Google Chrome settings to default.
  • At the end modify Chrome Shortcut to remove hijacker completely. Right click on Google Chrome shortcut>Properties>Shortcut> In Target field remove everything after" in our case> Click Apply>Ok.

Remove Yoursearchdotcom homepage from Mozilla Firefox. 

  • Refresh Mozilla Firefox default settings by typing “about:support” in Firefox address string and pressing Enter. Click Refresh Firefox… button and confirm by pressing Refresh Firefox in pop-up.

  • Change Mozilla Firefox Shortcut to get rid of nasty redirections. Right click on Firefox shortcut>Properties>Shortcut> Remove everything after ...firefox.exe">Apply>Ok.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Remove “Ads by Catered to You” browser extension

“Ads by Catered to You” (Catered to You) is another unsafe Internet browser extension to include directly in the black list of applications you never want on your PC. Regardless of what impression application creates at first sight, it is a pure example of phony malware. The appearance of nasty pop-ups on one’s computer is usually a big surprise because “Catered to You” does not ask for any permission prior to getting downloaded and installed at all. Browser extension is using obfuscated techniques to crawl into your PC being a part of some corrupt files disguised as useful stuff. Application affects all your Internet Browser’s (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer) in the first place and adds some new entries which will determine some features of your computer’s behavior further on. As an example nasty extension will configure your Internet Browser to execute its process immediately after browser is launched. As long as that process is running, you will experience deceptive advertisement boxes, annoying pop-ups, banners and other “awesome deals for you”. It goes without saying that this “advantage offers” has nothing to do with real discounts and profit. It sure makes absolutely no sense keeping “Catered to You” browser extension in your computer. So it’s best to remove malware completely from your computer once you locate its presence there.
Ads by Catered to You Snapshot

“Ads by Catered to You” removal guide: 

Use Control Panel/Programs and Features to Uninstall Catered to You application:
  • Access Control Panel.
  • Run Programs and Features (Windows 8, 10) / Uninstall Program (Windows 7, Vista) /Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP). 
  • Find Catered to You application and click Uninstall.
    Catered to You

Remove Catered to You extension from Google Chrome:

  • Start Google Chrome than press Open menu button and tap Settings.
    Google Chrome Settings
  • Click Extensions in new window, search for Catered to You extension and tap on trashcan icon next to it. 
  • Open Chrome menu and click Settings, than go to bottom and tap Show advanced settings.
  • Proceed to bottom of window and press Reset settings.
    Google Chrome Advanced Settings

Remove "Ads by Catered to You" from Mozilla Firefox:

  • Start Mozilla Firefox open Menu and click on Add-ons.
    Mozilla Firefox Addons menu
  • Than tap on Extensions and Remove "Catared to You
  • In conclusion Reset Mozilla Firefox settings to get rid of nasty ads. Simply type "about:support" in Firefox address string and press Enter
  • Once in Troubleshooting Information menu click Refresh Firefox two times.
    Mozilla Firefox Refresh/Reset
So, to sum it up, “Catered to You” is malicious application that shows counterfeit advertisements and it is highly recommended to remove it as soon as it is possible.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Learn how to remove TR/Agent Trojan Horse

TR/Agent is a family of Trojan horses that specializes in performing malicious functions. Rogue can have unique numeric name ending’s (such as: 3244032.65, 353328-246, 73795.2 etc.), but in reality it is the same malware that differ very little from one another. TR/Agent has been recently used by a fake antispyware program in its rapid distribution campaign. Trojan usually appears on alerts that pop up from the system tray and state that your system is at risk because it contains the infections. Please do not believe that pop-up’s if you’re getting it. The only thing it testifies to the fact that your PC has been secretly infected with fake antispyware application. So it’s advised to check your system for infections and remove TR/Agent and all unacquainted antispyware applications that request to pay for full version as soon as it is possible. 
TR/Agent alert
Trojan detection screenshot

TR/Agent removal guide:
In order to remove Trojan horse from your computer use trusted antivirus programs and run full system scan. We can recommend free antivirus solutions such as: AVG Antivirus Free, Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition 2014, avast! Free Antivirus 2015.
It’s important to keep in mind that Trojan can block all your attempts to download antivirus or run full system scan. In such case you must perform all actions in Safe Mode with Networking.
To leave no stone unturned in removing Trojan’s, backdoors and rootkits from your PC download free AdwCleaner or Kaspersky TDSSkiller and run full system scan.
Kaspersky TDSSKiller

Monday, July 27, 2015

Remove hijacker manually is a malicious website with a very restricted yet hazardous function – to redirect all your Web searches to misleading and junk websites. Browser-hijacker persists into one’s digital environment through free software or trojan horse that sneaks inside via security exploits and other software vulnerabilities located in the process of intrusion. When trojans find themselves in the new host environment, they reconfigure the browser to divert the victim to a fake searches delivered by rogue search engine called The Smart Search . Well, when you run into hijacker, try to remove it from your computer as soon as possible. Please, review the additional security tips below to cease activity. snapshot
www- screenshot removal guide:
1. Remove all programs associated with browser hijacker from your computer using Windows Control Panel.
Go to the Start MenuControl PanelUninstall Programs
Control Panel>Uninstall a program

Uninstall all suspicious programs listed bellow:

  • Browser defender
  • LyricsSay-1 
  • AddLyrics 
  • VideoSaver
  •  DownloadTerms 1.0 
  • Delta search
  • Babylon 
  • HD-Plus 3.5 
  • WebCake 3.0
Remove hijacker from Google Chrome:
  • Start Google Chrome, click on Chrome menu button than choose More ToolsExtensions:
Google Chrome Extensions

  • Remove Browser defender, LyricsSay-1, AddLyrics, VideoSaver, DownloadTerms 1.0, Delta search, Babylon HD-Plus 3.5, WebCake 3.0 Chrome extensions by clicking on trashcan icon
    next to them .
  • Click on Chrome menu and choose SettingsShow advanced settings.
  • Find On Startup section and click on "Set pages".
  • Remove from Google Chrome Startup pages and set page you want, for example:
  • Set Google Chrome search by clicking on SettingsSearchManage search engines...→Select Google as Default.
Chrome deafult search site

  • Restart Google Chrome.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015 manual removal guide

Encountering website is pretty much the same as getting contaminated with malicious software. To be more specific, is a browser hijacker that pursues the goal of deceiving a PC users and taking advantage of his/her trustfulness. If you find out that your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer homepage is changed to without your permission, be sure that nasty hijacker will trigger annoying browser redirections to the corresponding domain, thus driving traffic to sponsored search results, unwanted ads and even fake online scanners. Also is suspected in removing bookmarks and saved passwords. That’s why it’s strongly recommended to remove hijacker from your computer ASAP. snaphot snapshot

Step-by-step removal guide:

Step 1. Remove from your computer registry:

  • Press Windows Logo Button+R, type "regedit" and tap OK
Registry editor

  • Press Ctrl+F and type "mysearch123" and press Enter, than modify or delete all associated with mysearch123 hijcaker registry entries.

Remove from Windows registry

Step 2. Uninstall using Windows Control Panel:
  • Press Windows Logo Button→Control Panel→Uninstall a program

  • Uninstall Mysearch123,, GoSave, Mysearch programs.

Step 3. Remove from Google Chrome:
  • Open Google Chrome and press Menu button→More tools→Extensions:

Chrome Extensions edit

  • Remove all suspicious Chrome Extensions such as: MySearch123, MySearch, MySearchDial, MyWebSearch.
  • Reset Google Chrome settings by clicking on Google Chrome MenuSettingsShow advanced settings...Reset browser settings.
  • Remember that you will lose all your Google Chrome settings after resting
    Google Chrome settings reset
  • Modify Google Chrome shortcut by pressing Right-click on shortcut which you use to start Google Chrome→PropertiesShortcut tabRemove "" from Target fieldApplyOK:
    Chrome Shortcut problem
Step 4. Remove Mysearch hijacker from Mozilla FireFox:
  • Open Firefox and press ToolsTroubleshooting information:
    Firefox Troubleshooting Information
  • Press Reset Firefox...:
  • Modify Mozilla Firefox shortcut by Right-clicking on itPropertiesShortcut TabDelete "" from Target fieldApplyOK:
    Mozzila Firefox Shortcut

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Remove Search from Google Chrome manually

Dregol ( is a brand-new invention of the hackers who attempt to change your browser settings in order to garble your searches and install malicious software. The most apparent sing of having hijacker on board your PC is the inability to surf the web normally because most of your internet sessions will be interfered with through the browser redirections to which you surely never planned to visit. When you find yourself in, you will witness a page designed to look like That counterfeit page will show you a search list which by no means is useful for you, but it is profitable for Dregol add-on developer. In other worlds, Dregol is counterfeit web browser add-on that sneaks into your computer insensibly and changes Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer settings without your approval. That’s why it is very important to remove Dregol from your computer as soon as it is possible. The optimal solution is to use manual  removal guide in order to get rid of Dregol hijacker once and for all.

Dregol homepage screenshot:
Dregol homepage screenshot manual removal guide:

In order to begin, close all Internet browsers.

Uninstall Dregol using Control Panel:
  • Go Start Menu and choose Control Panel → Uninstall a program:
Control Panel Screenshot
  • Select Dregol/ Run Dregol and click the Uninstall/Change button:
Remove Dregol from your computer

Remove Dregol Search from Google Chrome:

  • Click the Chrome menu button and choose More toolsExtensions:
  • Select Dregol extension and click on trashcan icon:
  • Go back to Chrome menu and select SettingsShow advanced settings.
  • Go to On start up section and select Open a specific page or set of pagesSet pages:

  • Remove Dregol Search ( from Chrome Start up pages by clicking on X button against it:
  • Restore Google Chrome search by clicking on SettingsSearchManage search engines...Select Google as Default.
  • Restart Google Chrome.