Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mysearch123.com manual removal guide

Encountering Mysearch123.com website is pretty much the same as getting contaminated with malicious software. To be more specific, Mysearch123.com is a browser hijacker that pursues the goal of deceiving a PC users and taking advantage of his/her trustfulness. If you find out that your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer homepage is changed to Mysearch123.com without your permission, be sure that nasty hijacker will trigger annoying browser redirections to the corresponding domain, thus driving traffic to sponsored search results, unwanted ads and even fake online scanners. Also Mysearch123.com is suspected in removing bookmarks and saved passwords. That’s why it’s strongly recommended to remove Mysearch123.com hijacker from your computer ASAP.
Mysearch123.com snaphot
Mysearch123.com snapshot

Step-by-step removal guide:

Step 1. Remove mysearch123.com from your computer registry:

  • Press Windows Logo Button+R, type "regedit" and tap OK
Registry editor

  • Press Ctrl+F and type "mysearch123" and press Enter, than modify or delete all associated with mysearch123 hijcaker registry entries.

Remove Mysearch123.com from Windows registry

Step 2. Uninstall mysearch123.com using Windows Control Panel:
  • Press Windows Logo Button→Control Panel→Uninstall a program

Remove Mysearch123.com
  • Uninstall Mysearch123, Mysearch123.com, GoSave, Mysearch programs.

Step 3. Remove Mysearch123.com from Google Chrome:
  • Open Google Chrome and press Menu button→More tools→Extensions:

Chrome Extensions edit

  • Remove all suspicious Chrome Extensions such as: MySearch123, MySearch, MySearchDial, MyWebSearch.
  • Reset Google Chrome settings by clicking on Google Chrome MenuSettingsShow advanced settings...Reset browser settings.
  • Remember that you will lose all your Google Chrome settings after resting
    Google Chrome settings reset
  • Modify Google Chrome shortcut by pressing Right-click on shortcut which you use to start Google Chrome→PropertiesShortcut tabRemove "http://www.mysearch123.com..." from Target fieldApplyOK:
    Chrome Shortcut problem
Step 4. Remove Mysearch hijacker from Mozilla FireFox:
  • Open Firefox and press ToolsTroubleshooting information:
    Firefox Troubleshooting Information
  • Press Reset Firefox...:
  • Modify Mozilla Firefox shortcut by Right-clicking on itPropertiesShortcut TabDelete "http://www.mysearch123.com..." from Target fieldApplyOK:
    Mozzila Firefox Shortcut

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