Sunday, October 11, 2015

Remove “Ads by Catered to You” browser extension

“Ads by Catered to You” (Catered to You) is another unsafe Internet browser extension to include directly in the black list of applications you never want on your PC. Regardless of what impression application creates at first sight, it is a pure example of phony malware. The appearance of nasty pop-ups on one’s computer is usually a big surprise because “Catered to You” does not ask for any permission prior to getting downloaded and installed at all. Browser extension is using obfuscated techniques to crawl into your PC being a part of some corrupt files disguised as useful stuff. Application affects all your Internet Browser’s (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer) in the first place and adds some new entries which will determine some features of your computer’s behavior further on. As an example nasty extension will configure your Internet Browser to execute its process immediately after browser is launched. As long as that process is running, you will experience deceptive advertisement boxes, annoying pop-ups, banners and other “awesome deals for you”. It goes without saying that this “advantage offers” has nothing to do with real discounts and profit. It sure makes absolutely no sense keeping “Catered to You” browser extension in your computer. So it’s best to remove malware completely from your computer once you locate its presence there.
Ads by Catered to You Snapshot

“Ads by Catered to You” removal guide: 

Use Control Panel/Programs and Features to Uninstall Catered to You application:
  • Access Control Panel.
  • Run Programs and Features (Windows 8, 10) / Uninstall Program (Windows 7, Vista) /Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP). 
  • Find Catered to You application and click Uninstall.
    Catered to You

Remove Catered to You extension from Google Chrome:

  • Start Google Chrome than press Open menu button and tap Settings.
    Google Chrome Settings
  • Click Extensions in new window, search for Catered to You extension and tap on trashcan icon next to it. 
  • Open Chrome menu and click Settings, than go to bottom and tap Show advanced settings.
  • Proceed to bottom of window and press Reset settings.
    Google Chrome Advanced Settings

Remove "Ads by Catered to You" from Mozilla Firefox:

  • Start Mozilla Firefox open Menu and click on Add-ons.
    Mozilla Firefox Addons menu
  • Than tap on Extensions and Remove "Catared to You
  • In conclusion Reset Mozilla Firefox settings to get rid of nasty ads. Simply type "about:support" in Firefox address string and press Enter
  • Once in Troubleshooting Information menu click Refresh Firefox two times.
    Mozilla Firefox Refresh/Reset
So, to sum it up, “Catered to You” is malicious application that shows counterfeit advertisements and it is highly recommended to remove it as soon as it is possible.

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